Presidential Teleprompter

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Elevate Your Speeches with Presidential Teleprompters

When delivering important speeches, maintaining eye contact and engaging your audience is crucial. Our presidential teleprompters ensure that your message is delivered seamlessly, allowing you to focus on your performance without worrying about losing your place.

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Presidential Teleprompter

What is a Presidential Teleprompter?

A presidential teleprompter is a specialized device designed to display a script for speakers, using transparent glass panels that reflect text from monitors positioned below. This setup makes the text visible only to the speaker, while remaining invisible to the audience, allowing for natural eye contact and engagement.

How Does a Presidential Teleprompter Work?

Script Preparation: The script is prepared and loaded onto a computer connected to the monitors.

Text Display: The text scrolls on the monitors, reflected onto the beam-splitter glass for the speaker to read.

Controlled Scrolling: The scroll speed can be adjusted to match the speaker’s pace, either by an operator or remotely by the speaker, ensuring a natural delivery.

Key Features

Beam-Splitter Glass: Our teleprompters use high-quality beam-splitter glass with an anti-reflective coating, ensuring clear visibility for the speaker while keeping the text hidden from the audience.

Robotic and Manual Options: Choose between robotic teleprompters, which can be adjusted remotely to accommodate different speaker heights, and manual teleprompters, which are set at fixed heights.

Discreet and Professional: The sleek design of our teleprompters ensures they blend seamlessly into any setting, providing a professional appearance without distracting from the speaker.


Boost Confidence: Having the script visible reduces anxiety and boosts the speaker’s confidence.

Enhance Engagement: Maintain eye contact with your audience, promoting better connection and engagement.

Professional Delivery: A smooth, well-delivered speech reflects professionalism and thorough preparation.

Presidential Teleprompter

Rental and Setup

We offer flexible rental options to fit your needs, whether for a single event or a series of engagements. Our experienced operators ensure that the teleprompter is set up and functioning perfectly, allowing you to focus on delivering your message.

Why Choose Tribeca Teleprompting?

With years of experience and a roster of highly trained operators, Tribeca Teleprompting is your trusted partner for high-stakes events. Our top-of-the-line equipment and commitment to flawless service make us the preferred choice for politicians, CEOs, and public speakers alike.

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Presidential Teleprompter