Tribeca Teleprompting

Presidential Teleprompter

Text from discrete floor monitors is reflected on glass panels – making the script visible to the speaker, but not visible to the audience.

On-Camera Teleprompter

The subject reads text while looking directly at the lens of a camera.  Mounted on its own stand, or between the camera and the tripod.

Interrotron Teleprompter

Invented by documentarian Errol Morris, the interviewer and subject look directly at images of one another, while a camera records the subject.

Wireless / Steadicam

Wireless, battery powered, through-the-lens lightweight teleprompter. Synced Ipads for actor script prompts.

Confidence Monitors / DSM

Black wedges DSMs (DSM stands for ‘Down Stage Monitor’) – typically 15″ or 19″ for lyrics, and 40″ for Powerpoint slides.

PTZ Teleprompter

Mount your PTZ cameras upside-down right up to the glass of our 24” prompter for maximum pan and tilt.

Remote Prompting

Seamless teleprompting with an operator logged into your session remotely.

Corporate Events, Awards and Live

Trained operators and top of the line gear for mission-critical events such as Investor Days and Awards. When the stakes are high, corporations such as Citibank, Verizon, and Blackstone turn to us.

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Recently We Teleprompted (Among Others)

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Jamie Foxx
JB Smoove
Jeffrey Tambor
Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Lopez
Justin Bieber
Katie Couric
Katy Perry
Kerry Washington
Kiki Palmer
Lady Gaga
Lenny Kravitz
Levar Burton
Logan Paul
Louie CK
Martha Stewart
Martin Scorcese
Martin Short
Meryl Streep

Michael Douglas
Michael J Fox
Misty Copeland
Natasha Leone
Nathan Lane
Neil Degrasse Tyson
Oprah Winfrey
Rachel Maddow
Roseanne Cash
Rudolph Giuliani
Soledad O’Brien
Spike Lee
Stephen Colbert
Steve Carell
Steve Harvey
Steve Martin
The Jonas Brotherse
The Rock
The Weeknd
Tom Selleck
Tommy Hilfiger
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50 Cent